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9th Feb 2014

1.I would like to be Moderator because i would get people on and help
2.I would take care of buisness that hast to be done.
3.I would be on every now and then because i do have my own server.
4.I would treat players with respeact and courage.
5.I would take care of hackers bad players and other people.
6.I will answer any question people ask me.
7.I will help build building i am also good at building.
8.I will do any take the owner wants me to do.
9.If The Owner wants me to do anything i mean anything i will try my best to do it.
10.I will ask people if the need help or if the don't and i will try my best to help them.
    These are my 10 reasons why i want to be moderator
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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